Areas of Expertise

Alimar is owned and run by Mark Cain, a Microsoft developer who has been in the contracting market for over 15 years.

His skills are:

  • C#.Net (9 years +)
  • VB.Net (6 years +)
  • ASP.Net (9 years +)
  • Server 7,2000, 2005,2008,2012 + SQL and Stored Procedures (15 years+)
  • Entity Framework 4 and 5 (2 years+)
  • Agile, Scrum and Test Driven Development (4 years+)
  • MVC (mostly 3 and 4) (2 years +)
  • HTML + xhtml Development (13 years+)
  • JavaScript (10 years +)
  • Nunit, MSUnit + automated unit testing (3 years+)

Other skills include:

HTML5, Unity, Moq, subversion, git, AJAX, + jQuery, AngularJS, Twitter Bootstrap framework, CSS, XML, WCF, Web services, some WPF, some BIDS (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS), and older SQL Server technologies such as DTS (7+ years of this), and assorted ORM technologies (Entity Framework, NHibernate, LLBLGen Pro).

Familiar with Test-driven development using NUnit and MSUnit, and related continuous integration tools such as cruise control, ncover, TestDriven, selenium, selenium Grid, and some Team Foundation. Some knowledge of Kentico CMS.

Very comfortable in a customer-facing role.

Mark also keeps a blog, Twice As Fast – Blog of a Working Developer, as a way of keeping track of useful articles on all areas of web development and Microsoft technologies.